Fundamentals of SEO Marketing You Should Know and Master from Day One


Link building is an integral part of any SEO marketing effort, though it has received quite a bad reputation these days. An article on Forbes entitled 7 SEO Fundamentals More Important Than Link Building makes mention of an instance when Google’s John Mueller questioned the overall legitimacy of link building as an SEO strategy, based on evidence from the Penguin algorithm update.

While link building is still vital to any SEO campaign, it is not the only secret to success. In fact, there is no secret to SEO success at all. Search engines like Google are continuously tweaking and refining their algorithms to counteract and penalize shady SEO tactics designed to manipulate search engine results, according to the article Search Engine Optimization: Ten SEO Fundamentals. Properly navigating through this tricky endeavor is made possible by mastering a few SEO fundamentals from day one.


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