Mobile SEO Marketing: Are You Keeping Up with Google’s Latest Updates?


Through their profound influence in the technology industry and their constant innovations and updates, Google has transformed the SEO marketing industry. Google Search, with its ever-changing algorithms dictates how businesses and digital marketing professionals optimize websites and web pages. Those who play by Google’s rules are more likely to see their web properties displayed prominently on the organic portion of the SERPs when targeted keywords and keyword phrases are typed by users.

On the other hand, with the growing sophistication of smartphone technology, it’s no longer enough for digital marketing professionals to ensure that their clients’ websites are built and optimized for desktop, as they also have to ensure that their clients’ websites are mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized.


How Outsourcing Helps You Build Your Clients’ Brand Authority Online

In our increasingly connected world, many business owners realize that maintaining a business website and a dynamic presence on social media often leads to better results than more traditional forms of marketing, such as print advertising. The Internet is often the first resource consumers turn to when they’re searching for new products and services, and when they are searching for answers to their queries.

Plus, the introduction of increasingly sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and other devices means that consumers are accessing information from varying screens and different contexts. For businesses to succeed in such a noisy, connected environment, they need to make consumers aware of their brands, as well as the products and services that they’re offering.

White Label SEO Services: Four SEO Tactics to Implement this 2015

Online marketers know that SEO is constantly evolving in response to major changes to the search engine algorithms. Google has made strides to improve its organic search results by releasing the Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and other algorithms. These algorithms have reduced the number of spammy, irrelevant, and low-quality results in the organic portion of the SERPs.

Panda—which was released in February 2011 and has since undergone numerous iterations—works to reduce the rankings of low-quality sites that provide “thin” content. Meanwhile, Hummingbird—which was released around August 2013—can be described as a major breakthrough in conversational search. According to the article, “Four SEO tactics to Embrace in 2015”, which was published on the Hubspot blog, “With Hummingbird, Google proved that they now understand what your page is about; they know the topic of the page, how unique the content is, and how well it’s written.”

Your SEO Starter Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page Optimization

Ever since Google launched its web crawling bot (known as “Googlebot”) to crawl new and updated web pages to add to the Google index, webmasters and SEO practitioners have focused on how to improve their SEO strategies. With consumers increasingly using search engines like Google to look for new products, services, and businesses, many business owners see the advantages of dominating the organic search results on the SERPs for search queries related to their businesses, brands, products, and services.

Despite frequent claims from some circles that SEO is dead, according to Moz’s Rand Fishkin, SEO tactics—like keyword targeting and on-page optimization—are still as relevant as ever. Unfortunately, there are virtually hundreds of best practices for keyword targeting and on-page optimization. In fact, Fishkin states that there’s no “one absolute right way to optimize a page”.

SEO Marketing: Delivering Content via Proper Distribution Channels

Marketers know that to succeed in content marketing, they need to provide their readers with valuable content. However, as outlined in a Kissmetrics blog post, providing valuable content is just one part of a two-part rule. The second part of the rule entails delivering content to the people who will find it valuable.

Online marketing agencies and SEO consultants who provide SEO marketing services to their clients know that great content can fail to tap its target audience unless it is delivered to them through the proper distribution channels. Since there are seemingly limitless distribution channels, marketers need to perform the necessary research and select the distribution channels that will reach their clients’ target audiences.

SEO Reseller Services: Basic Elements to Succeed in Online Marketing


Frequent developments in search engine optimization (SEO), plus the daily rigors of managing business activities, means that many business owners feel intimidated by SEO. This is why most businesses opt to outsource their SEO campaigns to digital marketing companies that can work on building their online visibility. Outsourcing also enables business owners to focus on running their establishments.

If you’re thinking of providing SEO reseller services to different businesses, you in turn can outsource your clients’ SEO campaigns to reputable white label SEO service providers, like SEO Marketing Machine. An online report from Search Engine Watch states that the framework of an effective SEO campaign encompasses proper planning, budgeting, and measuring to ensure lasting success.

Measuring the Success that SEO Services Give to Business Websites


Koozai highlights that identifying and understanding the goals of your client’s site is necessary before you can effectively measure the success of the SEO campaign. For many websites, the goal is relatively easy to see and will probably fall into two categories, namely: sales and revenue (online product sales, service bookings, and the like); or inquiries and leads (phone calls, contact form completions, etc.).

For some, though, it may not be as simple. Regardless, you have to be clear on what the goals are. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure success. You can’t even estimate the ROI. Moreover, you can’t be assured that you are really providing value to your clients’ audience. When doing business, it’s certainly a bad move to leave such things to guesswork.