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An SEO Reseller Can Drive Organic Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords

Are you still targeting two or three keywords for a website? The following bit of new information might convince you to do otherwise. During the AMA Content Marketing Conference, Chris Baggott of Compendium showed that 70% of most searches are long-tail searches. Therefore, by targeting long-tail keywords, websites will find little competition, thus yielding higher conversion rates.

Moving to longer variations of a website’s seed keyword does more than just improve its SEO. It also promotes real engagement, and helps websites drive more organic traffic and improve its search rankings. As an SEO reseller, how will your white label service provider identify and utilize the long-tail keywords that will do wonders for your clients’ websites?


Guest Blogging: An Effective SEO Reseller Tool for Brand Building

Over the years, guest blogging became an online marketing technique that involved submitting or posting articles on someone else’s website or blog. Back in the day, this technique is well-respected because it contributed to the healthy exchange of information across the Web. Due to widespread spammy practices, however, guest blogging has somehow lost its reputation. Even so, experts believe that it is still effective in driving traffic and ranking high on SERPs.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Why do SEO experts believe guest blogging still yields positive results?

Relationship. When you submit an article to the owner of another website for posting, expect to engage in a conversation. Regardless of the length of your conversation, so long as you’ve exchanged vital information (sometimes even personal stories), you will soon become acquainted with each other. This builds a lasting relationship that is crucial in your SEO endeavors.