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SEO Services that Help Small Businesses Compete with the Big Boys

Larger brands and mega-corporations often seem to have the upper hand in SEO, making smaller and locally-owned businesses feel like they can’t compete with the big boys (and therefore, have no chance of connecting with their target audience online). It’s no surprise that many larger brands and mega-corporations’ websites appear in top ranking positions on search results, for they already have decades worth of content, millions of inbound links, and numerous online visitors.

As impossible as it may seem, marketing for small and locally-owned businesses (and pitting them against bigger brands) is no longer a daunting task. Effective SEO strategies have become more holistic and comprehensive in their scope, it’s no longer about getting the most number of inbound links or identifying that “magic keyword.” Instead, it’s about long-term goals, like building an online audience, driving traffic to websites, and gaining conversions and sales.


Why the Basics of SEO Services are also the Biggest Secrets to Success

The Internet is saturated with advice and tips designed to power SEO services. These include keyword research, content creation and publication, meta-data optimization, and link building, among others. While Google’s ever evolving algorithms, the introduction of new technologies and devices, as well as changes in consumer behavior, have radically altered the SEO landscape, some fundamentals remain…well, fundamental.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these enduring SEO fundamentals:

Post high-quality content that your clients’ audience wants to read – The plain and simple requirement for content is that it must be informative and original. This was, and still is, the driving concept of content writing. You might have encountered tips on how to “creatively” insert keywords, or write attention-grabbing headlines, but at the end of the day, what matters most is the importance of what you’re saying. Focus on creating content that your target audience wants to read.

White Label SEO Services: Four SEO Tactics to Implement this 2015

Online marketers know that SEO is constantly evolving in response to major changes to the search engine algorithms. Google has made strides to improve its organic search results by releasing the Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and other algorithms. These algorithms have reduced the number of spammy, irrelevant, and low-quality results in the organic portion of the SERPs.

Panda—which was released in February 2011 and has since undergone numerous iterations—works to reduce the rankings of low-quality sites that provide “thin” content. Meanwhile, Hummingbird—which was released around August 2013—can be described as a major breakthrough in conversational search. According to the article, “Four SEO tactics to Embrace in 2015”, which was published on the Hubspot blog, “With Hummingbird, Google proved that they now understand what your page is about; they know the topic of the page, how unique the content is, and how well it’s written.”

Reliable SEO Services Offer Tips and Strategies to Implement This Year

Moz contributor Rand Fishkin points out that in the past few years alone, SEO has undergone several changes. Search engines are always changing and evolving for the better to provide an improved search experience for users. Google, in particular, understands that their users are more interested in finding quality and engaging content, and their numerous algorithm updates have made Google searches as natural as asking someone a question.

With the gradual evolution of Google comes changes in SEO, and some tactics which might have worked before might not work now. Hence, you need to hire trusted SEO services that can implement the latest strategies meant to improve your marketing efforts, and so help you stay on top of results pages.